Madden NFL 15  (Xbox One)
Madden NFL 15 (Xbox One)
Madden NFL 15 transforms you into your rival's worst nightmare with a new breed of defense built to challenge the best offenses in the NFL. A new arsenal of pass rush moves, an intuitive tackling system, improved coverage logic and immersive new camera angles make defense exciting and fun to play. Call plays with confidence thanks to an all-new crowd-sourced recommendation engine built from millions of online games played by the Madden community. Add in all-new NFL Films inspired presentation and it's not just football, it's Madden Season!
Bring the Heat — Utilize a new set of pass rush tools to beat your blocker and disrupt the backfield. New mechanics to jump the snap, shed blocks and steer offensive linemen put your in control and make defensive linemen more dangerous than ever.
Risk vs. Reward — Defenders can now make aggressive or conservative tackles in the open field, with proximity cones showing the effective range of each.
Aggressive tackles can lead to big plays and fumbles, but conservative tackles are more likely to bring the ball-carrier down without giving up extra yards. The choice is yours, but so are the consequences.
A New Point of View — See defense through a whole new lens with all-new camera angles that let you attack the play from the defense's perspective.
Whether you lock in on a single defender and go for the big play or follow the action wherever the ball goes, you'll see the play unfold through the defense's eyes.
Director's Cut — New broadcast and NFL Films-inspired cameras capture the emotion of every play from fresh new perspectives. Choose from six gameplay cameras pre-snap to get the best view of the action.
Show Time — The new pre-game and halftime shows featuring studio host Larry Ridley tell the story of the game, complete with game-changing matchups and big play highlights.
Crowd-Sourced Play Call — A revolutionary recommendation engine utilizes data from millions of online games to surface the best selection of plays possible for the match-up and situation.
Sort from traditional sets and formations, to expert recommendations, to what's working the best in the Madden community.
Run The Gauntlet — Skills Trainer has been expanded to teach not only gameplay skills, but strategy and football concepts as well.
Learn how to read zone defenses, when to hot route a receiver, and more with nearly 50 new tutorials and drills. Once you've mastered the basics, enter The Gauntlet where your skills will be put to the ultimate test through intense challenges.
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Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
  • Players can compete in local wireless matches or online over a broadband Internet connection.
  • The game supports both SpotPass and StreetPass features.
  • Players can show their own style by customizing their vehicles with accessories that give them a competitive advantage. For instance, giant tires help a kart drive off-road, while smaller tires work best on city courses.
  • People can choose to race as one of their favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters or even as their Mii character.
  • The Mario Kart franchise continues to evolve. New kart abilities add to the wild fun that the games are known for. On big jumps, a kart deploys a wing to let it glide over a track shortcut. When under water, a propeller pops out to help the kart cruise across the sea floor.
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Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Wii U
Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Wii U
Turn Your Racing Experience Upside Down! For the first time, Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise comes to the Wii U console in full HD, introducing new racing circuit designs and anti-gravity karts that will have players driving upside down. Players will also enjoy a variety of series-favorite features, including the return of 12-player online competitive play, hang-gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes.
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Sale! Microsoft Special Edition Wireless Controller Xbox 360 Gold Chrome
Microsoft Special Edition Wireless Controller Xbox 360 Gold Chrome
You know you're the best gamer around. But do your opponents know it? Go ahead and rattle their confidence when you walk into the room with your shiny, gold chrome controller. You'll feel like gaming royalty as you masterfully gain control of your game — and your opponents' envy. Be ready to game in style with this special edition Wireless Controller. The controller's gold chrome finish gives you confidence as you play, and its transforming D-pad enables you play to your full potential as it switches from a plus to a disc while maintaining your precision, accuracy and control. Don't worry about being restrained by wires or cords as you play, thanks to the controller's wireless design that allows you to play from almost anywhere in the room. Get ready to conquer your games and impress your opponents, as all eyes fall on you, so why not go for the gold?
Outshine your competition with this exclusive, special edition wireless controller for your Xbox 360 console (not included)
Show off your skills and your style with the brilliant gold chrome finish
Maintain optimum precision, accuracy and control thanks to the transforming D-pad that switches from a plus to a disc
Free yourself from the restraints of wires or cords with the wireless design that allows you to play from almost anywhere in the room
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360)
Get your whole body in the game on Xbox 360 with the Kinect sensor. Play sports, get fit, and dance--theres something for everyone, all without a controller. Move your feet, or duck your head, or use your voice and be immersed in the action. There are no limits to the ways you can play. Even say a movie you want to watch, and Xbox will find it. And the Kinect sensor works with every Xbox 360.
  • Play with your whole body in the game
  • Discover controller-free fun that everyone can enjoy
  • Say what you want to watch and Xbox finds it
  • Works with every Xbox 360
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Microsoft Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership
Microsoft Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership
Your Xbox One opens up an entire universe of gaming entertainment — intense battles, alien planets, high-octane speeds, post-apocalyptic terror, edge-of-your-seat action and so much more. But gaming is really just the beginning. Combined with your Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is your ticket to seemingly endless entertainment possibilities, from unrivaled multiplayer gaming that teams you up with your buddies against adversaries from around the world in blockbuster franchises, such as Halo, Forza Motorsport, Kinect Sportsand more to accessing jaw-dropping high-definition movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports. Besides access to a stunning array of content, this Xbox Live Gold Membership offers an exhaustive list of features to tailor your experience to your needs. The One Guide offers TV shows and movies that are suited to your tastes and also makes it simple for you to browse what's popular and watch your favorites with smarter matchmaking constantly firing away in the background. Feel like you're in the room with distant friends and family by making and receiving video calls in jaw-dropping 1080p high-definition Skype sessions, right on your TV. Show off your amazing skills and capture epic moments with Game DVR, then easily create high-quality videos to share with the world. Anyone in your home can access these amazing features right on your Xbox One, so invite some pals over for unlimited multiplayer action. With your Xbox One and this Xbox Live Gold Membership in your arsenal, the sky is the limit.
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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
You are Talion, a Ranger of the Black Gate, keeping watch over Mordor which has remained undisturbed for ages. In the blink of an eye, everything is taken from you - your friends, your family, and even your own life. Resurrected by a vengeful spirit, you must now embark on a relentless vendetta against those who have wronged you. Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you, discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately confront the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle in Middle-earth.
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Minecraft (Xbox 360)
Minecraft (Xbox 360)
  Experience the gaming phenomenon "Minecraft", rebuilt for Xbox 360! Create worlds limited only by your imagination. Explore, build, and conquer alone or with your friends via split-screen mode or over Xbox Live!* With new features designed specifically for Xbox 360, it's a whole new way to make your imagination reality! Imagine it, build it! Minecraft for Xbox 360 lets you create worlds from the comfort of your sofa. Play alone or play with your friends. Explore, build and conquer! At night monsters come out, so make sure to build a shelter before that happens. After that, your world is your imagination. Turn your hours into minutes with Minecraft for Xbox 360!
  • The infinite possibilities in Minecraft just got bigger! The gaming phenomenon comes to the console with new features designed specifically for Xbox 360.
  • Crafting has never been faster and easier! The new crafting interface in Minecraft for Xbox 360 delivers a completely new way to build Minecraft worlds where your imagination is the only limit.
  • Learn the basics and master essential skills faster with the all-new Tutorial mode.
  • Play Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with friends over Xbox Live. Combine local split screen* and Xbox Live play in any combination up to 8 players.
  • Experience the all-new end-game battle with the Ender Dragon, including 8-player multiplayer, revised for the console edition.
  • *Split screen option requires HD TV.
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Minecraft for Xbox One
Minecraft for Xbox One
Build with your imagination! Minecraft, one of the best-selling games on Xbox 360, is now available on Xbox One. Create and explore your very own world where the only limit is what you can imagine - just be sure to build a shelter before night comes to keep yourself safe from monsters




44Z-00001 0.2 pounds 6.8 x 5.3 x 0.5
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NBA Live 15 (PS4)
NBA Live 15 (PS4)
Our fans spoke, we listened. NBA Live 15 arrives with the most photo-realistic visuals in franchise history and 500+ core gameplay improvements delivering a truly fluid, fun and authentic basketball gaming experience. Reimagined visuals drop you courtside alongside the biggest stars. See the intensity on a player's face as he nails a game-winner, or the frustration of a heart-wrenching loss. With all new real-time physics in the paint every drive, post move and collision can be the highlight of the night. Add into the mix best-in-class online game modes and LIVE's Synergy Sports partnership and you'll never miss a beat during the NBA season with new content updated daily, all season long.
  • Lights, Camera, Action - We're doubling down on visuals with an all-new scanning and lightning technique for the most photo-realistic player models in franchise history. Add into the mix player specific body types and contextual emotional responses and you will truly feel like you're in the action.
  • Real-Time Physics in the Paint - Feel the impact of real-time physics on every drive, post move and collision in the most trafficked area on the court. 100+ new animations make it possible for something unpredictable and amazing to happen on every play. Scoring has been amped up with 3x the variety of dunks, layups and signature shots as you impose your will on your opponent with physicality you can feel.
  • Ultra-Responsive Controls - Passing, shooting and dribbling will feel snappier the moment you pick up the sticks. Freestyle Passing takes your assist game to the next level with no looks, behind the backs, and more. Shot timing and release indicators provide instantaneous feedback, while fast break improvements delivering seamless transition catch and shoots on the perimeter. Handles have been simplified making it easier to pull off devastating dribble moves, even on the run. You are always in control, never stuck in canned animations.
  • Smarter AI & Transition Game - New AI logic drives all 10 players to move with intent and purpose while displaying greater off-ball awareness, adjusting as every play develops. Add in a smooth transition game as well as real-world offensive sets and defensive schemes and you've got 48 minutes and 94 feet of end-to-end, dynamic gameplay.
  • Defense Is Fun - New defensive systems make it easier to contain your man by using just the left stick. Contextual physicality, bumps and jostles, in addition to a new shot blocking system, delivers simplicity in controls helping you make that big defensive stop when your team needs it most.
  • Learn Live - NBA All-Star and Former ROTY Damian Lillard is your personal coach and mentor on the journey to becoming an expert NBA Live 15 player. Learn how to dominate Live like a boss with drills and tutorials wrapped in Lillard's keys to success in the NBA.
  • Live Season - BIG Moments just got bigger. New Hot Spot Challenges allow you to replicate game-changing moments within an hour of them happening in the real NBA. The closer you get, the more bonus points you earn. New Streak Challenges will put your scoring and defensive skills to the ultimate test as you attempt to go shot for shot with the best players in the NBA. Connecting you to the real world NBA, all season long.
  • Live Ultimate Team - The perfect combination of NBA Live 15 and fantasy basketball. Build your dream team of the brightest modern NBA stars and all-time legends. Compete online or take part in Fantasy Challenges to earn coins and purchase new packs of players, uniforms, contracts, and more. A new auction house adds even more opportunities to assemble the fantasy team you've always wanted.
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Sale! Nintendo 3DS Car Charger
Nintendo 3DS Car Charger
  • Portable charging solution
  • 6 foot cable
  • Works with the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and 3DS
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
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Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip
Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip
The Nintendo 3DS is the first of it's kind in handheld 3D gaming. But if you're like us, and you want that familiar feel of the console controller, you'll need the Hand Grip for Nintendo 3DS from CTA Digital. With extended use, handheld systems can tire and cramp your hands, shortening the gaming experience. With the Hand Grip for Nintendo 3DS this is not an issue. Whether you're racing cars or playing your favorite first person shooter, the added comfort will help you maneuver your way through games with precision. When you need to rest your hands from all the intense gaming, you can prop up the handgrip by using the integrated stand. The handgrip stand has 3 angles and also features an SD slot to hold a spare SD card. So with the Hand Grip for Nintendo 3DS you can enjoy the feeling of a console controller, and check out your 3D pictures while the grip rests securely in the stand.
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