From Bungie, creators of the Halo series, and Activision, creators of Call of Duty, comes Destiny, an epic adventure unlike anything gamers have experienced.In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. … Continued

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Sale! Destiny (PS4)
Destiny (PS4)
From Bungie, the creators of Halo, and Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty, comes Destiny, the next evolution in interactive entertainment and an epic adventure unlike anything players have experienced. In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth's enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers a new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold, new universe, Destiny features an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and personal activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent online world.
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Sale! Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition (PlayStation 4)
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition (PlayStation 4)
Sanctuary is a place of peace and safety, but you know this hasn't always been the case. Two decades ago the Prime Evils plagued your world, but thanks to the tireless combat waged by the Barbarians, Demon Hunters, Monks, Witch Doctors and Wizards their reign of terror came to an end. Now whispers are circulating in the city of Tristram, the place where it all began, and rumor has it that a new menace is coming. Heroes must rise to the call of battle once more and defend Sanctuary against the demon hordes. Raise your weapon, sharpen your skills and join the quest — before it's too late. Return to the world of Sanctuary to wage war against the forces of evil in this action-packed Ultimate Evil Edition, which combines the thrilling Diablo III with the critically acclaimed Reaper of Souls expansion pack. Choose your identity from one of the five original customizable classes, including Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard, or select the all-new Crusader class that lets you don fortified armor and rain down holy vengeance on the powers of darkness. Jump into the action of Reaper of Souls when you set out on an epic quest through frightening and awe-inspiring landscapes where peril lurks around every corner on the journey to the legendary city of Westmarch. Decimate demonic foes in fast-paced combat as you fight your way to the ultimate opponent — Malthael, the Angel of Death, a terrifying enemy bent on the ultimate destruction of the innocent denizens of Sanctuary. Feel the freedom of an expansive open world with Adventure mode, which lets you unleash your powers anywhere at any time as you strike down any demon foolish enough to cross your path. Track down the elder evil in randomized objectives that allow you to explore Sanctuary in new ways and earn bounties. Descend into the depths of fully randomized dungeons with Nephalem Rifts that deliver hours of replayability and tons of loot. Quest with advanced players and boost your stats with Apprentice mode. Personalize your loot by seeking out The Mystic, a mysterious artisan who takes your gear to the next level. Fight alone or with friends in four-player same-screen mode or online multiplayer mode. Receive the Infernal Pauldrons with pre-order — exclusive transmogrifiable shoulder plates honed to a deadly sharpness that are wearable in level one and provide enhanced health, life regeneration and cooldown reduction. Your might is needed to defend Sanctuary from the malevolent drive of a demon army — it's time to shoulder your weapon and leap into the fray once again.
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Sale! Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Hardware Bundle for Sony PS3
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Hardware Bundle for Sony PS3
Disney Infinity just got super powered! Conquer a game universe where you have endless opportunities to create stories and action adventures featuring all-new Super Heroes, characters and powers! Join Earth's mightiest heroes to stop Loki and his army of Frost Giants before they freeze Manhattan - and the world! The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Hardware Bundle features the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack and a PlayStation3 12 GB console! Bring on the Super Heroes! The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Hardware Bundle includes: 1 PlayStation 3 12 GB Console 1 PlayStation 3 Controller 1 Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Video Game 1 Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Base 3 Marvel Super Heroes Figures: Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow 2 Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box Game Discs 1 Marvel's The Avengers Play Set piece 1 Web Code Card 1 Poster
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Sale! Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Starter Pack XBox360
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Starter Pack XBox360
In Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, players will use real-world interactive Marvel figures to activate original storylines (Play Sets) in the virtual game worlds of some of Marvel's most popular franchises. In the Play Sets - penned by award-winning Marvel comic writer Brian Michael Bendis - players will be able to take on the role of more than 20 Marvel characters including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye to battle enemies, complete challenging missions, solve puzzles and ultimately save the world from destruction. Featuring an enhanced Toy Box mode, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will introduce new structured, franchise-themed adventures that players can customize and play using any in-game character from across the Disney Infinity universe. Fans will also have hundreds of Marvel-themed items, locations, props and characters at their disposal to create their own stories or even re-create their favorite comic book moments.
  • The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) video game Starter Pack includes:
  • 1 Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game.
  • 3 Marvel Super Heroes Figures: Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow.
  • 1 Disney Infinity Base (2.0 Edition).
  • 2 Toy Box Game Discs.
  • 1 Marvel's The Avengers Play Set piece.
  • 1 Web Code Card.
  • ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+ with Cartoon Violence
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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS
A tribe of mysterious marauders has put some sort of musical spell on the creatures of Donkey Kong Island, and now they're stealing every banana in sight! Naturally, this doesn't sit too well with Donkey Kong, whose personal banana hoard hsa been ransacked. With his pint-sized pal Diddy Kong on his shoulders, Donkey Kong sets out to get to the bottom of this bewildering banana burglary.
  • Cranky Kong's Shop - Donkey Kong's white-bearded, grouchy elder, Cranky Kong. The white-bearded, grouchy elder of the village, Cranky Kong has set up shop in each of the nine worlds to sell handy items like balloons, which give extra lives, and other neat things. He tends to ramble on, but he may provide some helpful tips, so listen to your elder!
  • Pursue Donkey Kong's missing bananas in wild and crazy capers across action-packed worlds. Will you play it slow and steady, or romp through the game like an animal?
  • Run with Rambi - Rambi the Rambunctious Rhinoceros shows up in certain areas, lending Donkey Kong a helpful horn. Hitch a ride with him to knock pests out of the way, and uncover hidden rooms by busting down shaky walls. With Rambi's help, tough obstacles become a piece of banana cream pie.
  • Manic Mine Carts - Travelling by mine cart is the best way to head through the many caves on Donkey Kong Island. Those tracks have gotten really rickety over the years, so Donkey Kong will find himself leaping from track to track, and cart to cart, as the broken rails tumble away beneath him. Watch out for bottomless pits - they're everywhere.
  • Barrels of Fun - Donkey Kong Island is littered with barrels - and it wouldn't be a Donkey Kong adventure without them! Some barrels become cannons that launch Donkey Kong in all directions, and others are filled with goodies. A few may turn into Rocket Barrels, which send him flying through the entire stage.
  • Collectibles & Secrets - Every level on Donkey King Island is filled with bananas, secrets, and all sorts of items. Collecting puzzle pieces and letters that spell out K-O-N-G are just a few of the challenges that await the adventurous explorer. Look extra hard to find secret levels and special collectibles.
  • Super Guide - Having a bit of trouble with a really tough level? If you lose enough lives, ask Super Kong to save the day, and he'll complete the level for you. Just remember to go back and try it yourself sometime, so you can get all the goodies and hidden secrets!
  • ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Mild Cartoon Violence
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Sale! Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii U)
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii U)
It's on like Donkey Kong on Wii U! Help Donkey Kong and his friends get back their home from Vikings in the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze game from Retro Studios. All the challenging ground-pounding, barrel-blasting and mine cart action from the Donkey Kong Country series is back, along with a bushel of new game-play elements and features.
  • Dixie Kong is back to join the adventure as a playable character alongside Diddy Kong. Either can buddy up with Donkey Kong, and each character offers a different game-play experience.
  • Explore a new dynamic levels that twist, turn and transform in new ways. Plus enjoy spectacular views from the dynamic rotating camera.
  • On their journey to reclaim Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong and his friends travel across five islands with a variety of stages that include underwater areas and frozen environments.
  • Enhance Donkey Kong's exploration and unlock secrets with a new move that involves "plucking" items right out of the ground.
  • Team up with friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode that lets two players share in the fun together.*
  • *Additional accessories are required for multiplayer mode and are sold separately.
  • ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Mild Cartoon Violence
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Sale! Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe (PC)
Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe (PC)
A cataclysmic event plunges the land of Thedas into turmoil. Dragons darken the sky, casting a shadow of terror over a once-peaceful kingdom. Mages break into all-out war against the oppressive Templars. Nations rise against one another. It falls to you and your party of legendary heroes to restore order as you lead the Inquisition, hunting down the agents of chaos. Bonds will form - and some will break - as the campaign for truth takes its toll. BioWare's latest action-adventure delivers an unparalleled story set in a vast, changeable landscape. Explore hidden caves, defeat truly monumental creatures, and shape the world around you based on your unique play style. Explore, lead, and battle: Tough choices define your experience, and even one decision can change the course of what's to come.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 4)
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 4)
Dark times have come to Thedas — monstrous dragons cast ominous shadows from above while chaos erupts all around you. What was once a land of peace and happiness is now ripped apart by conflict as the Mages wage bloody battle against their oppressors, the Templars. Someone must restore order to Thedas and put an end to those who seek to destroy the land. It's time to lead the Inquisition — a band of legendary heroes and the only hope of Thedas — and wage a war to end this reign of terror. Dragon Age: Inquisition throws you into the building unrest in Thedas and challenges you and your band of comrades to restore peace to the land. Plunge into the conflict as you become an Inquisitor, lead your companions through a chaotic land and battle massive creatures. Build friendships and rivalries as you engage with a vast group of characters and develop dynamic relationships. Enter a vibrant open world and explore secret caves, expansive plains and rocky coasts and enjoy arresting visual realism, thanks to Frostbite 3. Wield the power to forge your own destiny and that of Thedas itself as your choices and actions influence story outcome and physical aspects of your world. Take control of your gameplay experience by customizing the appearance and abilities of your Inquisitor, companions, outposts and strongholds. Decimate opponents by crafting your forces and developing a unique style of combat. Enhance your gameplay with this Deluxe Edition, which includes a variety of digital content. Demonstrate the might of your rule on the Skyhold Throne, a seat of power crafted from an ancient dragon skull. Ride across Thedas atop a horned Red Hart Halla, or inspire fear as you mount the Bog Unicorn, previously owned by an evil marauder. Make yourself even more fearsome in combat with Flames of the Inquisition gear — wield multiclass weapons, including staffs, daggers, greatswords and war hammers, outfit yourself in Inquisition Armor to deflect the vicious blows of your enemies and ride into battle on a powerful armored steed. Extend the thrill of the game with the digital soundtrack that lets you enjoy the sounds of Thedas wherever you go, and access Dragon Age Multiplayer Deluxe Edition chests. The dangers are many on this perilous campaign — do you have what it takes to deliver Thedas from the grip of destruction?
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Fantasy Life (3DS)
Fantasy Life (3DS)
Fantasy Life 3DS. Embark on the adventure of your dream life as you craft cast fish mine battle and explore like never before. With the innovative Life system your choices don?t just upgrade characters they help shape your journey. Explore a huge fantasy landscape beside surly dark paladins slick pirate captains regal princesses and others who share your taste for the unknown.
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Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4)
Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4)
Some travel to the rugged terrain of the Himalayas to experience the region's breathtaking beauty. Others come for the thrill of the exotic or the challenge of survival. Nestled deep in the mountains, Kyrat is a dangerous and stunning world, and you find it transformed under the malevolent rule of a despotic, self-appointed king. Step into the dangerous world of Far Cry 4 as you experience the heart-pounding shooter action you've come to expect from the Far Cry series in a thrilling new world. Journey deep into the Himalayas to Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region. Explore an expansive open world where anything can happen and danger hovers all around you. Will you rise to the challenge and set Kyrat on the path to freedom?
REVOLUTIONARY OPEN-WORLD CO-OP: Far Cry 4 allows for a second player to drop in and drop out at any point, re-imagining the cooperative experience in the true spirit of Far Cry for the next generation.
You'll now be able to discover and explore the living open world of Kyrat together.
MASSIVE OPEN WORLD: Discover the most diverse Far Cry world ever created. With terrain spanning from lush forests to the snowcapped Himalayas, the entire world is alive...and deadly.
ABUNDANT NEW WILDLIFE: From leopards, rhinos, black eagles and vicious honey badgers, as you embark on your hunt for resources, know that something may be hunting you...
NEW WAYS TO GET AROUND: Scout enemy territory from above in the all-new gyrocopter and then plummet back to earth in your wing suit. Climb aboard the back of a six-ton elephant and unleash its raw power on your enemies.
POWERFUL NEW WEAPONS: Choose the right weapon for the job, no matter how insane or unpredictable that job might be. With a diverse arsenal, you'll be prepared for anything.
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FIFA 15 (Xbox One)
FIFA 15 (Xbox One)
There's no game quite like soccer, you think as you join your teammates for another brutal match. As you bask in the heat of the sun and the uproarious chants of the fans, it's almost overwhelming. But the promise of a win is nearly tangible in the air and you know what you have to do. Seconds after the kickoff you and 10 teammates — the best players in the world — claim possession and weave intricate patterns that decimate your opponents' defense. You deftly maneuver around another player and take the pass coming your way. One powerful kick is all it takes — the ball sails home past the goalie. Once more, you've proven you have what it takes to dominate the match. Step into the drama and action of soccer like never before with FIFA 15 as you experience all the furious competition of the game rendered in breathtaking realism. Battle the world's best players and witness their expressions of intensity, celebration and defeat detailed in lifelike accuracy with Emotional Intelligence modeling. Contend with the conditions of the pitch and realistic interactions between players, the ball and their environment with Physically Correct Contacts that re-create dribbles, touches, passes, shots and deflections in relation to the position of the body part or object with which they connect. Plunge into the physicality of head-to-head competition with intense Man-to-Man Battles that test your skills and endurance and establish dominance with Full-Body Defending. Move fluidly through opposing players on the path to the goal with responsive player control. Feel the heart-pounding rush at the heart of the game as you're surrounded by region-specific behaviors, cheers and chants from the crowd and insightful commentary with Dynamic Match Presentation. Immerse yourself in lifelike authenticity with grass that responds to the progress of a match with Living Pitches and Authentic Player visuals that ensure you don't miss a single detail. Take to the pitch with three friends in offline play or go online to compete with 21 other players. Victory is waiting to be seized — are you ready to make your move?
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